Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jeff McGovern About Fishing Kayaks' Seats and Back Pain

Much of the problem comes from taking a one time play toy and converting it into a fishing craft: Sit on tops, which dominate the angling market came from craft folks used as water toys. Not much time was spent really in them as much as it was jumping on and off playing in the water. Then when the fishing market expanded and they were discovered people spent much longer periods of time in them and then problems began. The kayak firms seeing the potential death of the golden goose came back with all sorts of fancy padding and “ergonomic” seating all designed to keep you on board in some contrived form of comfort. Entire firms came about who marketed ways to keep people happy long enough to sell the stuff.
I’ve used a variety of boats over the years and this issue never came up until kayaks started growing in popularity. I remember all my years of canoeing and of course you were either using your knees or up on a much higher seat and could stand if needed.
When fishing kayaks hit here in Florida we already had a huge canoe fishing market going. Nobody complained about pain using their canoes. But when the kayaks came about you started to see folks wandering the shore line with kayaks parked close at hand.
I’m glad Wavewalk is bringing these issues to light. They exist but are the issue that could kill kayak fishing as we now see it. I’m sure the next thing we will see is firms every so slowly continuing to make the seats higher and get folks out of the L position.
An interesting note for other boats is one I have in our fleet here. It’s called a CraigCat - a small powered cat with seating that is a modified L position. On mine I have put in higher seats and still ride it upright when I can since the original L position even in a padded bass boat style seat still is a killer.
Wavewalk's saddle in the W fishing kayak may be far more revolutionary than it looks. The riding position in the W fishing kayak is the best comfort seating a kayaker could ask for to enjoy a full day on the water.


Balic said...

It's in fact the only acceptable seating solution when kayaks are concerned

Anonymous said...

kayak fishing back pain is not a dirty little secret at all... In fact, everybody talks about it all the time! They don't about it as a problem, but as solutions: New ergonomic, comfortable seats for your fishing kayak - For a for extra bucks they'll sell you some more foam and sophisticated wording to go with it...


yakback said...

Eventually, all the pressure from your legs goes to those few vertebrae and cartilage disks..
Foam can't do anything for your yak back, because those few vertebrae in your lumbar spine are the only rigid thing between your rib cage and your hip bones that can bear the brunt of that continuous pressure...
Foam, straps, plastic, webbing - it's all hype