Friday, August 21, 2009

"No Back Pain or Leg Pain, 7 1/2 Hours of Pure Fishing and Paddling Heaven"

This is a new kayak fishing report from Roxanne, a kayak angler from Connecticut:
Kayak Fishing Action: Rox’ Battle With A 20.5″ Large Mouth Bass

In her fascinating action story, Rox tells about her battle with a 20.5 large mouth bass - A must read for any kayak fisherman.

Interestingly, for years Roxanne was prevented from practicing her favorite sport, kayak fishing, because of severe sciatica problems related to the use of sit-in and sit-on-top fishing kayaks. She says that the L position was simply too much for her, and the back and leg pain unbearable.

That changed completely once she got her first W fishing kayak, in 2005. Since then Rox has been able to go kayak fishing anytime time she wants (New England weather permitting...) and stay on the water for as long as she feels like.
Rox recently bought a W500 model, that she prefers over her first, smaller W fishing kayaks (she has two of those). She motorized one of her W fishing kayaks, but she also paddles often, since doing so is easy for her in this new type of kayaks.

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