Monday, August 17, 2009

Out for six hours on two lakes and no back fatigue!

John Fabina, from Wisconsin already owns 3 W fishing kayaks.

Like many, John had suffered from back problems when it came to paddling kayaks and fishing from them, which is one of the reasons he decided to order his first W kayak - a W300.
Here is what John wrote after his first time in his W300 fishing kayak:

-”I ventured out today to try to find crappies or blue gills. I tried two lakes, water temps were in the low 40’s. I found fish but I couldn’t coax them to bite. It may be a little early yet. More importantly it was my first time out on the W with fishing gear. Out for six hours on two lakes and no back fatigue!"

Following his good experience with W kayaks, John became a dealer for W fishing kayaks in Wisconsin.

John is an avid fisherman and camper, who likes to go on long fishing trips in the rivers and lakes of Wisconsin and Michigan. He sent a fishing trip report from one of these long trips he made in his W fishing kayak, in which he wrote:

“It was a great trip down the remote river. Again the W300 opened up new opportunities. It was the most comfortable four hour float trip I ever took. ”

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