Friday, August 7, 2009

Shoulder Pain and Casting From a Kayak

Jeff McGovern, a seasoned kayak fisherman from Florida made the following observation:
-"I realized yet another comfort issue the W kayak helps solve - I was fishing with one of my regular kayak buddies, and he commented on some shoulder concerns he needs to get fixed. He has spurs on the socket and they need to be removed. He mentioned the sitting down low casting position in his sit on top kayak is very painful at times for his shoulder. The clumsy angles hurt, and he is far better standing in the water and wade fishing. This man is only like 25 years old, so pain is not just for older people.
In comparison, the W kayak offers an obvious advantage in power casting. It's a side I had never thought about before: pain in casting from the low L position."

To put this issue in a broader perspective, the readers should try asking themselves the following question:
-"From all people who fish from shore or from fishing boats, how many cast their lines sitting in the L position? ... Who would do such a thing voluntarily, if they had another sitting option, or if the could stand up and cast?"

The obvious answers are: nobody does, and nobody would ever do it.

In other words, the L kayak fishing position cannot be considered as being even remotely appropriate for angling - It's just that SIK and SOT kayaks don't offer fishermen any other realistic option, and since these kayaks are cheaper and easier to handle than fishing boats, many people are putting up with yet another inconvenience these kayaks impose on them.

As Jeff pointed, this is not a problem in W kayaks, since the riding and standing positions these new kayaks offer are naturally comfortable and powerful.

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You can develop shoulder pain just from kayaking