Wednesday, August 5, 2009

'Sit Up Straight'! - and Ruin Your Back?

Here's another example of the fallacy of 'proper kayaking' in traditional kayaks:
The writer added a picture to his article, and that picture can serve as a perfect illustration to how and why the L position is harmful to your spine, whether you paddle your sit-in or SOT kayak, or fish from it: It shows how the paddler's legs are firmly positioned between the footrests and the backrest, and pushing against both. and while our feet are made for walking (pun!) and thereby don't have any problem with such pressure, the part of our back between the ribs and the hipbones (lumber area) is not made to withstand horizontal pressure, and that's where the real problem is.

Interestingly, 'slouching' is one way to decrease the constant, unpleasant and potentially painful pressure that your legs exert on your spine's lumbar area, but this article goes against it, in the name of proper kayaking technique...
See article about the L position and back pain on this very blog.

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