Thursday, December 10, 2009

Old Kayak Anglers and New Fishing Kayaks

Most people over a certain age suffer from back pain and leg pain when they go kayak fishing, or just paddling. The older we get, the more difficult it becomes for us to paddle kayaks and fish from them. The main issue is comfort, obviously, but stability is another key factor.

Problems like sciatica, poor circulation in the legs, and fatigue are more common among old people.

Old age restricts our ability to withstand the effect of kayaks' poor ergonomic design. We feel the discomfort and pain more quickly and for a longer time, and it takes us a longer time to recover. Sometimes we simply have to quit paddling kayaks and kayak fishing altogether.

Here are some fishing kayak reviews from elderly kayak anglers, who tell how the new, patented W fishing kayak help them overcome their physical problems, and fish comfortably:

Fishing Kayak Review By 80 Year Old Kayak Angler From Kentucky (saltwater, offshore)

Fishing Kayak Review By 72 Year Old Kayak Angler From Washington (saltwater, offshore)

Review of Fishing Kayak From Senior Kayak Angler, West Virginia  

Review of Fishing Kayak From 67 Year Old Kayak Angler, Florida 

Review of Fishing Kayak By 66 Year Old Kayak Angler, Texas 

Fishing Kayak Review By Senior Kayak Angler, California 

Fishing Kayak Review By 68 Year Old Kayak Angler, Florida 


old yakker said...

Good point!

RaulG said...

I couldn't kayak without my wavewalk

croc334 said...

It's good to see someone addressing this subject.