Sunday, January 24, 2010

Kayak Fishing USA Magazine

Kayak Fishing USA Magazine is a new online publication, sponsored by Wavewalk Fishing Kayaks.
The magazine is still in its initial phase, offering fishing reviews and kayak fishing stories classified by region: Northeast, Midwest, Northwest, Southwest, Texas and Southeast.

Interestingly, the recurring theme in many of the reviews is ergonomics. In other words, kayak anglers nationwide have problems adapting to pain and discomfort generated by old fashion sit-in and SOT fishing kayaks. Many of these anglers quit fishing from kayaks and go back to fishing from shore, or from full-size boats.

Those who switch from traditional fishing kayaks to W fishing kayaks seem to have found the solution that enables them to paddle and fish comfortably, without feeling premature fatigue, leg numbness and pain, butt pain, and a sore back.

Naturally, different kayak anglers appreciate different things in their kayaks, and the consequently, the reviews focus on different aspects of the reviewer's kayak fishing experience. Kayak anglers in their teens and twenties seem rather unaware of serious ergonomic issues, and like paddling and fishing standing, but the older the kayak angler gets the more they seem to appreciate comfort in its broadest sense.

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