Thursday, March 25, 2010

Back Pain Blog - All You Wanted To Know About Back Pain...

This blog, Painless Kayak Fishing, is about back pain (and other pain) associated with paddling kayaks and fishing from them (a.k.a. 'yak-back'). It focuses on education, and prevention by avoiding using the types of kayaks that are likely to cause back pain, that is sit-in and SOT kayaks.

However, we discovered a blog that's entirely about back pain, from every possible aspect. It's simply called Backpain, and it contains a lot of information about treatments for back pain, medication etc.

Here is how Barmac, the blogger describes her own blog:
-"My blog is all about back and neck pain and everything that comes with it. It starts with my low back problems, spinal operations and things that went wrong. I've also included the different types of treatments I've had from chiropractors and physiotherapists to alternative therapies and treatments, spinal injections and pain management. You name it, I've tried it, in a bid to find true and lasting pain relief."

Needless to say that we recommend visiting it to anyone who's already suffering from back pain, or just contemplating getting into kayak fishing...

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