Friday, March 12, 2010

Do You Suffer From Compulsive Kayak Fishing Disorder (CKFD)?

The name of this disorder is self-explanatory, so there's no need to describe the symptoms in detail. Basically, it's that urge to take your kayak and go fishing whenever you can, and what could possibly be wrong with that?
People who have Compulsive Kayak Fishing Disorder often describe themselves as as fisholic, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's a real problem for them, or for anyone else.
So what could possibly be wrong with fishing from a kayak? It's a fun, relaxing, quiet, non-polluting outdoor activity that disturbs no-one, and unlike fishing from big motorboats, its impact on the environment is minimal.

The only problem is that for many people kayak fishing leads to unwanted physical results, such as fatigue, leg numbness, leg pain, butt pain and back pain (yak-back). Spending too much time fishing from a sit-in or SOT kayak, or paddling such kayaks, can result in acute and prolonged pain, and in extreme cases even in back injuries. These symptoms increase with age and weight, and less-than-perfect physical shape.

But not all fishing kayaks have the same physical impact on paddlers and anglers.
Kayaks that do not require their users to paddle or fish seated in the L position don't cause these problems, even if you're addicted to kayak fishing and paddling, and must go on long fishing trips.
The key is to be able to operate the kayak from a different position, and preferably from several positions that can be alternated at will, so when you spend long hours in the kayak, you're able to relieve stress and tension from your back and your legs by changing positions anytime you feel like it - Stand up, stretch, etc., and such are the new, patented Wavewalk fishing kayaks
So if you consider yourself as having Compulsive Kayak Fishing Disorder (CKFD), you shouldn't necessarily give up your addiction, but rather make sure it doesn't hurt you.


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Good point, but "passion" sounds better than "addiction"