Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Over 1,000 Visitors To Painles Kayak Fishing Blog Since Beginning Of Year

This blog, Painless Kayak Fishing, got over 1,000 unique visitors since the beginning of the year, and the monthly number of visits keeps increasing.
Most visitors find Painless Kayak Fishing through Internet search engines, mainly Google.
It proves that kayak fishing related back pain is a real, painful subject, and that kayak anglers are actively seeking information on this problem, and other, related problems, such as leg pain, leg numbness, kayak fishing and old age, etc.

As for kayak fishing magazines and websites, they keep ignoring this subject, and some even promote the notion that kayak fishing in pedal driven fishing kayaks is great, without mentioning the fact that the person operating the pedal drive uses their legs to push their lumber spine against the backrest of their seat - not a beneficial thing for the back, and neither for the legs.

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