Monday, August 23, 2010

No Yak Back Issues for This Kayak Angler – Minnesota

The delivery process of my Wavewalk w500 kayak was seamless …I was pleased by how quickly it arrived.
I’m having a blast so far. My back tolerates and actually benefits from using this kayak.
I have significant back challenges (that’s what actually got me to your site via Google) and I’m just thrilled.
I feel good about what you’ve got there.
I have massive back issues that I’ve been working on since a surgery gone wrong about 10 years ago. The ww fishing kayak keeps my core engaged and my posture correct…amazingly comfortable. It’s a real pleasure.
I’ve included a shot of what I caught this weekend…my first bowfin, caught Sunday. Definitely was looking for bass and this thing took a spinnerbait. Fights extremely hard, before it got hung in some weeds…I really liked how I can reel the kayak in to the fish in those situations, I hate breaking lines on hooked fish (yak fishing all new to me).
W. Taylor

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