Monday, August 23, 2010

"Your kayak design will give me another 10 years on the water."

Here are some paragraphs from a newly published kayak review of the Wavewalk W500 -

My last fishing kayak was a [12' long, popular sit-in brand].
Being a 220 # male with some physical limitations, including arthritis, knee, mobility and lumbar issues, my sit-in fishing kayak was getting very difficult to use. I was thinking I was at the end of my kayak days due to my physical limitations, and this is why I’ve become interested in W kayaks, since I thought this craft will overcome them.
I was very pleased with the W and my progress on that initial trip with it. With my knee and back limitations, I knew I’d be advancing slowly.
I’m very grateful for being able to get out on the water again at all. Being able to launch and land easily is more than worth the cost of the W kayak. I am now thankful that I’ll get many more years on the water.
I think you have one hell of a nice product.
Mike Ratigan, Rochester NY

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