Sunday, May 29, 2011

"No Issues of Any Back Problems & Numbing Pain At Last! Just Awesome"

The launch was excellent! No feet were wet in the process. I brought the rod just in case. Stability was awesome! I started to stand after I got used to the W sitting. Little tricky at first because it was very windy the day I first launched….But I found that U plant and hug your feet more toward centerline (toward seat column) rather than the outside edges. This tactic is ideal in the standing position which then was a breeze. No issues of any back problems & numbing pain at last! Just awesome.
Oh, BTW, two guys wrapping up there bass boat were curious about my boat. I told them it was called Wavewalk. They said that my boat looks more comfortable than those other kayaks. I replied, that’s why I purchased it. And another guy commented about it as well. Those are the first tangible people that I came across during first launch…& already nothing but good news.
Brought the rod with me at first launch just in case. No kidding….2nd cast with a Yozuri crankbait plug….bam the fish was on. Large mouth Bass it is…he said the boat looked pretty good…and I said thank U very much…& in the water for a second life!!
Ok tight lines for sure. I gotta get set up my W for Opening Day at my local Rod & Gun Club for Saturday. It is called Ranger Lake Rod & Gun in the borough known as Egypt which is in Whitehall, PA.


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