Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Painless Motorized Kayak Fishing

Big motorboats are more comfortable than fishing kayaks, and they offer the advantage of making much longer fishing trips. But they're also more expensive to buy and maintain, store and transport, and let's not forget that using a boat trailer is a pain in itself, not just in the figurative sense, but practically as well - Having to deal with launching a big boat from a trailer and a boat ramp, and getting the boat back on the trailer at the end of the day is neither for elderly anglers nor for anyone suffering from back problems.
So if neither kayaks nor big motorboats are good for you, how can you go fishing from a kayak and still be dry, comfortable and healthy, while maintaining a range of traveling that only motorboats can offer, but without the hassle and pain associated with motorboats??
Thinking about such a possibility sounds like an exercise in futility, until you see movies such as this one, shot by a kayak angler suffering from disabilities including back pain and sciatica:

and this one:

This is the same W kayak, which is the only fishing kayak offering NO BACK PAIN, plus a powerful outboard motor that gets you to the fish on the other side of the lake, or miles up the river, fast and effortlessly...

For those who are interested in reading more, here is an article about motorizing your fishing kayak - It explains the pros and cons of motorized kayaks, electric motors vs. outboard gas engines, etc.

Welcome to the era of Painless Motorized  Kayak Fishing.

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