Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kayak Fly Fishing At 70 Years Old, With Back Pain, Knee Problems, And Balanace Problems...

Here's a testimonial from an experienced kayak fisherman from Texas, who's been fishing out of conventional fishing kayaks, until he couldn't go on:

I have been fly fishing around the world for 20 years, much of it in a kayak.
I found only two things were missing: a comfortable seating position and the ability to stand up for sighting fish.
After studying videos at Wavewalk, I ordered an inventory of Wavewalk kayaks without even seeing one.
Upon receipt I tested the Wavewalk… -I am 70 years old, weigh 230, have a bad back, need a knee replacement, and have constant vertigo from a chronic ear condition.
During my initial test I was able to stand up and paddle and really enjoyed the seating position called Riding.
The Wavewalk 500 is fast and runs straight.
Everything you read is correct.

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