Wednesday, December 4, 2013

No yak back down under

Are you Australian, and are you interested in kayaking or in fishing out of a kayak?
If you are, chances are that you're aware of what paddling a kayak feels like after some time, and by this I mean that your back gets sore, your legs get numb, and you feel uncomfortable to a point where all you can think of is getting back to shore and standing up, so you could stretch and relief the pain in your back and the awkward feeling in your legs.
If you've been in such a situation you already know, and chances are that you've decided that kayaking isn't for you, and as far as kayak fishing goes, you'd rather stick to fishing from shore, or from a motorboat.

But you may want to reconsider all that, in view of the fact that W kayaks are back pain free, and do not cause any leg pain or numbness even when you use them for many hours without getting back to shore.
The reason for this is their patented catamaran form which allows for increased stability and improved ergonomics, as well as other advantages that are not part of this blog's focal theme. In fact, you can stand up in such a kayak anytime you feel like it, even if you're neither athletic nor very young and lightweight. Many middle aged and elderly anglers prefer using this kayak over a bigger motorboat because they get a similar level of comfort from it without the hassle of handling a boat trailer.

Anyways, these special kayaks are made in the United States, and they're available in Australia by direct order from Wavewalk, the company who makes them.
Here's more info on these back pain free kayaks, and how to get them in Australia.

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