Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Some Updates About Kayak Fishing With No Back Pain

No Back Pain -Biomechanical and Ergonomic Solutions in Kayak Design

This comprehensive article pretty much summarizes all that you need to know about what you should expect as far as back pain is concerned, when you consider fishing from a kayak. It explains what causes discomfort in a kayak paddler's back, what leads to pain, and what are the dangers in paddling and fishing over a long period while suffering from back pain, namely the risk of back injury.

Another excellent article on this subject is named Common Kayak Injuries.
As its name indicates, it focuses on the more severe aspects of paddling kayaks and fishing from them, which are various injuries, including back injuries.

The article Lumbar Spine and Kayak Back Pain focuses on what happens to your lumbar spine when you sit in a kayak for a long time, and what drives the pain you'd start feeling after some time.

We recommend reading these articles attentively, since back problems are the number one source of disability in the US, and kayaking (including kayak fishing) has become synonym to back pain. 
This is to say that many people seem to develop back problems that may be avoided if these people were more aware of what causes back pain in the first place, and acted sensibly.

And finally, we'd like to recommend this basic, common sense rule: When in doubt, don't.
If you feel any discomfort, let alone pain in your back while kayaking, or after paddling your kayak and fishing out of it, it's a sign you shouldn't ignore or dismiss, because your body is sending you a message that means "Problem!"