Thursday, February 2, 2017

Big Guys, Heavy Guys, Elderly Guys, Disabled Guys... - Back Pain and Kayaking Don't Necessarily Go Together Anymore

Being a big guy almost always means that you're going to feel uncomfortable sitting in a kayak, whether you just paddle it or you also fish from it.
The same is true if you're overweight - Being seated in the notorious L position is definitely not going to make you happy.
And if you happen to be elderly, you're probably going to avoid paddling kayaks and fishing out of these uncomfortable and tippy little boats.
Being disabled is tough enough, without having to balance yourself on top of a kayak, or having to struggle with getting in and out of it, as well as experiencing back pain.
Well, it's all true for Sit-In Kayaks and Sit-On-Top (SOT) kayaks, but it is definitely not the case with Wavewalk kayaks and boats, which are tiotally back pain free, even if you fall into one of the above categories, and even if you fall within all of them, as this elderly, big heavy and disabled fisherman from Texas explains in his comprehensive Wavewalk 500 review -

"I am 61, 280lbs, retired, 100% disabled, veteran Navy Officer.
I have a very bad back resulting from damage done while I was on active duty. My back has 4 bad disks in the lower end, three bad disks in the neck, and pinched nerves going to my legs. Added to this I suffer from Fibromyalgia. My meds for the most part keep the pain at a semi-manageable level, but the hurt never goes completely away. If I can help some other Vet or civilian with frequent orthopedic pain be able to enjoy kayaking it’s good enough for me....   - Before I found the Wavewalk 500, kayaking was beyond my capability."

Good news that should give hope and relief to many people!

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