Sunday, July 3, 2016

Drive your motorized fishing kayak or boat in comfort

Driving a motorized fishing kayak or a small motorboat can be a pain, literally.
Outboard motors are great, but they're not exactly designed for maximum comfort, and their tillers are basically just simple devices that allow the driver to direct the propeller and set the RPM, which makes them easy to operate, but not comfortable to use.
In most small boats such as dinghies and Jon boats, the driver sits at the rear part of the boat, namely the stern, next to the motor, or right in front of it, and holds the tiller's grip handle. This can work without any problem for a short drive, but the fact that in most cases the driver has to turn sideways makes things a bit problematic for longer trips.
Driving with an articulated tiller extension allows the driver to sit facing forward, which is a considerable advantage, since the driver no longer to twist their body and stretch their left arm backward, but having to control speed and direction with one's forearm, wrist, and elbow can be hard over long distances.
The next step in comfort is driving with a steering wheel. This makes steering very easy, even over long periods of time, but the steering wheel is fixed in one position, and doesn't allow switching from driving seated to driving standing...
And this is where the joystick steering shines, as this video shows:

Note how easy and natural it is for the driver to stand up and sit down, and how stable he is evenin this choppy water, and when performing sharp turns standing up.
No back pain, no shoulder pain, no wrist pain - Just pure fun!

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